What You Leave…..I Eat!!

What You Leave

Have you ever wondered where all your food goes what you leave it unattended? It seems like as soon as you turn your back, it magically disappears. But the truth is, there may be a sneaky culprit lurking around, waiting to devour your leftovers. We’ve all experienced the frustration of finding our food missing or half-eaten, especially in shared living spaces or offices. It can be difficult to pinpoint who the culprit is, but there are usually a few suspects in mind. Whether it’s a coworker with a penchant for snacks or a mischievous pet with a taste for human food, it’s important to take precautions to protect your meals.

In this article, we will explore the phenomenon of disappearing food and share tips on how to prevent it from happening to you. From setting boundaries with coworkers to securing your lunch in the office fridge, there are several strategies you can implement to safeguard your meals. So next time you leave your food unattended, remember the mantra: “What you leave…I eat!”

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What You Leave…..I Eat!!

Is it too early to start Christmas shopping?? Because I just think I found a perfect gift.  Steven, Adam if you are reading this (which you’re probably not) stop now or…. ruin Christmas!! (you don’t want do that, do you?).

One of my favourite stories about Adam (my brother in law) is the first time he had dinner with my parents.  An innocent evening out at a steakhouse and looking to impress, Adam suggested my dad order for him.  Challenge accepted.  My dad ordered the largest steak they had on the menu and Adam ate every. last. bite.  Man, this guy can eat.  Needless to say, I think my dad was impressed.  Welcome to the family, Adam – ha! 

He certainly gives my brother a run for his money.  I hope he’s not threatened as the “alpha eater” in the family.  It was an interesting dynamic while we were traveling together in Europe.  You could see Michelle’s mental struggle with leftovers while the two guys eyed up her plate. brother? husband? brother? husband…

So, when I came across these on desiretoinspire, I knew I just might have to get my hands on one (or two). The competitive spirit between your brother and this new “alpha eater” certainly adds an amusing twist to your family dynamics. Michelle’s dilemma with leftovers must have kept things lively during your travels in Europe. It seems like you stumbled upon something intriguing on desiretoinspire that caught your attention – perhaps a solution to the brother-husband rivalry at the dining table? Indeed, navigating the unspoken hierarchy of the “alpha eater” can add a layer of amusement to family dynamics. Michelle’s internal debate over leftovers must have provided some entertainment during your European adventures. It’s intriguing how inspiration can strike unexpectedly, like stumbling upon potential solutions on desiretoinspire. Perhaps incorporating these newfound insights could help maintain peace at the dining table amidst the brother-husband rivalry.

What You Leave

all images and artwork via hereCheck out jimbobart’s etsy shop here!

p.s. I must add both Steven and Adam are strapping young and fit lads… just with big appetites!  Love you guys!!

Your leftovers are not just waste; they can be a valuable resource for someone else. By sharing what you leave, you can contribute to reducing food waste and helping those in need. Your actions can make a significant impact on both the environment and your community. So, next time you have leftovers, remember that what you leave behind can become a meal for someone else. Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below and let us know how you plan to make a difference!

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