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Global Style

Fashion is one thing that has been forever changing. But the truth is, today’s fashion world is more inclusive and embracing than ever before. Thus, while shopping for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day you can be sure to have everything they need without expecting them to compromise their global style or taste!
As we all know, loving someone comes with its own set of expectations. And when it comes to how your significant other likes to dress up – there’s no judgement here! We just want our friends and family members to feel amazing in every outfit – so that they are not just totally comfortable but also confident about what makes them unique and beautiful!

Global Style

One of the many things I love about traveling is picking up some unique handmade items. I’m not talking seashell mobiles or palm leaf hats. Nope, there are those rare moments you get lucky to come across that unique gem that not only fits with your style, but that you actuallylove. And because we can’t all go on a trip every time we want a one-of-a-kind item, I am thankful to come across some beautiful, inspiring shops featuring stylish handmade goods. Check out these gems:

Global Style

So pretty, right? These shops not only have beautiful, fashionable products but beautiful, inspiring stories too. I think you need to meet them…

Dignify is a local (based in Calgary!) company who has curated amazing products from around the globe. They focus on selecting handmade goods made by real people and provide “dignity and livelihood to the person who crafted them”. Shopping that makes you feel good and, in turn, helps others. I like that. And I love what Shelley is doing with her shop. I’m a huge, huge fan of these one-of-a-kind kantha blankets,hand crafted from old saris, they are so beautiful. I think I may need to cuddle up with one of these come fall (I know, don’t hate me for mentioning fall!).

Interwoven was founded by the lovely Kera who lives in Abu Dhabi with her adorable family (seriously, this is a family of models). Constantly inspired by the beautiful textiles she found in her travels abroad, Kera shares her fancy finds with us in her shop. It’s kind of like having your own personal overseas shopper! The fabrics are gorgeous (I’m partial to this rug) and would definitely add some character to any room.

Lydali is another great shop, founded by friends Lydia and Ali, that shares beautiful, ethical products made from talented artisans from around the world. There are a ton of stylish products on their site and fantastic stories about the producers. It’s so great to be able to connect these items to the actual people behind them. How cool are these colour blocked spoons?

Please pop over and say hello to these sweet ladies! Happy shopping!

The world is our oyster and we love exploring new horizons. There’s no denying that being a global style nomad can be exciting but it comes with its share of challenges as well. Thus, before you embark on this adventure, make sure you equip yourself with all the survival gear needed to handle everything thrown at you!
Now that we’ve covered how to survive in a different land, let us know what your next steps are? Ready to take on the world yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does global style mean?

Global style is an artistic fusion of international findings, natural materials, and exotic designs that has its roots in admiration for the world’s many distinct civilizations. Homes with a traditional global influence imitate the designs of exotic locales like Asia and Africa.

What is global design style?

The term “global style” refers to an interior design approach that incorporates the general cultural aesthetic of a certain nation; this approach is sometimes used to refer to bringing the beloved holiday spot back into one’s own home.

What is global style in CSS?

When individuals refer to CSS’s global character, they may indicate one of several things. They can be referring to universally inherited rules for the:root or body> components (with just a few exceptions). : Almost all items now display a sans-serif font, according to the root.

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