Welcome to the blog post about the Family of Four! In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a family of four, as well as offer tips on how to create a family of four. We’ll also provide a few resources that you can use to make your family dreams come true. So whether you’re thinking about starting a family or just want to learn more about the benefits, we hope you enjoy this post!

Hello? Anyone out there? I thought I would pop into this poorly neglected corner of the internet and say hi. Hi! I’ll be honest, things have been a bit crazy since our new little man arrived. We absolutely love him to pieces and, I know everyone says this, it’s hard to remember life without him. He really has just fit into our family so perfectly.


I also can’t remember what it feels like to get a good night’s sleep. Life with two kids has been an adjustment. It’s been hard. Some days are better than others but, managing a toddler and a newborn in a sleep deprived state is not easy. There have been days that I have been so tired I could (and did) cry and honestly, I just couldn’t find the energy or motivation to blog.

So I didn’t. And that’s ok. I’m miss it though and I hope to get back into the swing of things creatively over here…. when life allows. We’re slowly finding our groove and I’m starting to see the end of that sleep deprived tunnel.

Here’s a peek at the little man who has been keeping us so busy. Big thanks to one of my best friends, Andrea, for being so stinking awesome and capturing these photos for us. She had me in tears by the third photo… it may have been the hormones, but I really do love them and our new family of four that much. It was ridiculously hard to narrow them down too, take a look…


I am forever grateful for these photos. If you are ever doubting whether to get newborn photos, just do it. This stage is so fleeting and these photos and memories mean so, so much to me.

And while I mostly likely won’t find the time to blog that often, I’m plenty active over on instagram if you want to pop over there to see what I’m up to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a family of four members called?

A family unit made up of parents and their children (one or more), often residing in the same residence, is known as a nuclear family, elementary family, or conjugal family. A single-parent family, a large extended family, or a family with more than two parents are in contrast to this.

What are four types of family?

Four types of family are nuclear, extended, blended, and step.
Nuclear families live within the same household and typically have children who are closely related to each other. Extended families may include grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins on one side or both sides of the family tree, and sometimes even unrelated people who share some common ancestry. Blended families can be made up of two or more nuclear families that have merged together over time. Stepfamilies are created when one spouse moves out of the house and starts living separately from their kids– usually this happens when one spouse gets divorced or widowed.

Why are families important?

Families have a key role in social development as the fundamental and indispensable building blocks of societies. They are primarily responsible for the upbringing, education, and socialisation of children as well as for teaching civic virtues and a sense of community.

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