=Keep your mouth open when you eat,
then you’ll be able to talk at the same time.
 Jump down the stairs.
It’s quicker than walking.
Don’t eat all your vegetables.
You won’t have enough room for your sweets.
It’s too early for bed.
Stay up and watch television.
Be rude to your teachers.
It would be dishonest to be polite.
By all means walk on the furniture.
It’s already badly scratched.
Don’t brush your teeth.
They’ll only get dirty again.
It’s not your fault that your pocket
money only lasts for a day.
Wipe your feet on the sofas.
That’s what they’re there for.
I was far worse behaved than
you when I was young.
When you get to the place where you would worry
…stop and pray.
Pray when you are troubled about something. Praying is talking to God.  Ask God to help those you are concerned about.  Pray for God’s guidance in your life. If you would like us to pray for you, email us a note with your prayers.  We will have a prayer group say your prayers for you.
……. controlled studies show that prayer has positive effects
even when tested under stringent conditions in double-blind
studies in hospitals and laboratories.  These studies not
only involved humans but non-humans as well.            
“The purpose of life is to live it,
to taste experience to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly and without fear
for newer and richer experience.”
The color blue encourages a connection
to holistic (body, mind, and spirit) thought,
general health, knowledge, hormonal balance,
and is a mentally relaxing color ideal for sleep
problems, stress, or hyper-active children.

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