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Having kids really changes your priorities. It puts things into perspective in a way I never thought possible. My time is precious and finding time to do things for myself is so rare that I’ve realized it is important to really make it count.


I knew I wanted to make some big changes in my life since my maternity leave with Alice, but I was scared and I just wasn’t sure exactly what that change was going to be? I wanted to follow some of my creative passions and do something new and exciting yet still have flexibility and time for my family. I struggled for a really long time trying to figure out what that was. What am I good at? What do I enjoy? How can I make that a reality? [insert stressed out head spinning here]

Well, I did it. I quit my job.

OR I just didn’t officially come back from maternity leave (somehow that was slightly easier). But on the whole, this move was super hard for me. I liked my job. And I loved the motion graphic design company I worked for. My boss was (is) an awesome guy. Things were good. It was creative, it was enjoyable. Making a change when nothing is essentially wrong is hard, but it was time.


That quote above really spoke to me “You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go DO THEM”. Right. What was I waiting for?? It was time to stop being so scared and just make things happen.

So, I did. I am.

I’m starting my own business.

Introducing Just Bella Bash. You know all those things I like to do? Well, I’m making them happen. Just Bella Bash is an event design and styling biz focusing on making those small (yet important) events just beautiful. I finally decided to take my love of design, parties, and decor and turn that into a reality. I’m so excited to work with some really cool people and small creative businesses and make their events look amazing. Lots of fun things happening (including a super awesome workshop collaboration I’m bursting to tell you about), I promise to share all the details soon!

I’m so, so thankful for all my family and friends who have supported and inspired me to make this decision. I’ve got some pretty awesome peeps in my corner including some amazingly talented, creative women that I look up to so, so much. I truly would not have done this without you. Thank you.

It was kind of a long, winding road to get here but I’m so happy with where I’m going. I played around with the idea in my head for a long time before I even spoke the words out loud. Then it became, “I WANT to start my own business” (which I still find myself saying) but you know what,  I AM starting my own business.

Eek. Sh/t is getting real and I’m so excited to follow my heart and see where it will take me.

If you’re reading this, thank you for following along with me and supporting me in even the smallest possible way. Just Bella Bash coming soon!

The name itself suggests just what people expect from Bella Bash. It is a place where you can making things happen for your business and also at the same time have an amazing time.

In addition to all this, it also has mind-blowing entertainment facilities that include live music and dance performances by some of the country’s best performers. So do not forget to drop in if you are looking for something fun, exciting, but yet fulfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does making things happen mean?

You must ensure that it occurs and take all necessary steps to facilitate it if you want to see it through. idiom.

How do you making things happen?

Make Things Happen in Five Steps
1. Decide what you want in the first step. Realizing what isn’t working is frequently the first step in bringing about change.
2.Step Two: Determine Your Motivation.
3. Step Three: Visualize Your Goals.
4.The fourth step is to act.
5. Putting Support in Place is Step 5.

What is the ability of an individual to making things happen?

Power is the capacity to accomplish goals. In order to accomplish a purpose or objective, those in positions of authority might affect the conduct of others. Even if some people may reject being forced to do something, a successful leader can get through that opposition.

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