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Fun Outdoor Treasure Hunts for Families

If  your kids are anything like mine, they would happily spend all day either on the computer or with a video game controller in their hands.  So I am constantly looking for ways to get my kids to put away their electronics and go outside to have some fun.  One way our family does that is by participating… Keep Reading »

Dublin Ohio Riverboxes ~ Free Family Fun

I am always looking for free things to do here in Ohio that the kids will enjoy. So I was excited to stumble upon the Dublin Ohio Riverboxes. Since we already love letterboxing, this was a great way to spend a weekend afternoon. The Dublin Riverboxes combine letterboxing and Art in the Park into a fun scavenger hunt… Keep Reading »

Frugal Family Fun – 7 Ideas That Won’t Drain Your Wallet

Things are so expensive these days.  It is even worse if you have a large family like we do.  It can be extremely difficult to find money in the budget for entertainment, especially with skyrocketing prices.  Try taking a family of 6 to an amusement park where tickets run $50+ a piece!  It costs a small fortune anymore… Keep Reading »

It’s a Treasure Hunt! Geocaching and Letterboxing Book Review

Are you familiar with geocaching or letterboxing?  Geocaching and letterboxing are all the rage! These two new pastimes offer a modern twist to the age-old scavenger hunt by combining a hike in the outdoors with the technology of a GPS unit and the joy of discovering hidden treasure.  It’s a free activity that is fun for the entire… Keep Reading »

Visiting the Laura Ingalls Wilder Birthplace

We recently returned home from spending Christmas with my husband’s parents in Wisconsin.  Our big plan for the week was to visit the Mall of America (more on that later) so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on other activities.  We had a pretty small budget for this vacation, so I spent the past few… Keep Reading »

Outdoor Fun with Letterboxing

September 24th is Worldwide Day of Play which encourages families to turn off tvs, shut down the computer, and get outside for some fun and physical activity.  In honor of Worldwide Day of Play, I would like to share with you about our family’s favorite way to play outdoors. We are a family of avid letterboxers.  If you… Keep Reading »

Beavercreek Ohio 9-11 Memorial

Beavercreek has a new 9-11 memorial dedicated to the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The pentagon-shaped memorial features a piece of the wreckage of the World Trade Center and has a sign with the names of all the victims. It’s hard to believe that 10 years have… Keep Reading »

Letterboxing – Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family

The Little One finding a letterbox. Does the warmer weather have you looking for a fun outdoor activity that your family can do for free?  Then you might want to look into letterboxing.  It’s similar to geocaching, but there is no expensive equipment to buy.  Letterboxing combines treasure hunting, puzzle solving, and a bit of art into an… Keep Reading »