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Fun Outdoor Treasure Hunts for Families

If  your kids are anything like mine, they would happily spend all day either on the computer or with a video game controller in their hands.  So I am constantly looking for ways to get my kids to put away their electronics and go outside to have some fun.  One way our family does that is by participating… Keep Reading »

Clinton County Ohio Barn Quilt Geotrail

Earlier this month, my family went down to Wilmington, Ohio and participated in the Clinton County Barn Quilt Geotrail.  We had a blast geocaching and seeing all the wonderful Barn Quilts that were painted to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Clinton County. About the Barn Quilt Trail Clinton County embraces its agricultural history with spectacular hand-painted quilt squares on… Keep Reading »

Creative Dates with Your Spouse – Go Geocaching!

How often do you and your husband get away for a date? If you are like us, not very often. When we do get away, it is typically to see a movie.  However, it is not very conducive to meaningful conversations that don’t involve your children. We have recently started making an effort to take time away from… Keep Reading »

Clever Geocaching Containers Guaranteed to Stump and Amaze

While most geocaching containers are standard tupperware or ammo cans, every once in awhile you come across a container that is clever and unique. The best geocaching caches are disguised to blend into their surroundings or look like something else. Keep reading for a few ideas to help your caches stand out among the sea of ammo cans.… Keep Reading »

Turn Your Car Into a Geocaching Travel Bug!

How cool would it be to ? I recently came across these awesome vinyl clings for your vehicle that actually turn your car into a travel bug that is trackable on geocaching.com. While we have released travel bugs in the past, this brings a whole new dimension to the fun of watching travelers. Each travel bug static cling… Keep Reading »

Geocaching How To: What Not to Leave Behind in a Cache

Geocaching How To: Trade Items to Avoid. When you are just starting, you may be thinking a lot about geocaching trade items. It’s so much fun to think about what you might leave behind in each cache you visit. However, it is equally important to think about what you shouldn’t be leaving behind in a cache. I have… Keep Reading »

Geocaching Swag – Little Treasures Add Up to Big Geocaching Fun!

You probably won’t have been geocaching for long before you encounter the term geocaching swag.  You may be wondering what that is.  While not strictly necessary to play the game, swag helps make geocaching even more enjoyable. Geocaching swag is another term for trade items.  Many geocaches that you find will contain inexpensive little trinkets.  These trinkets are… Keep Reading »