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Easy Camping Meals

We have always loved to camp, but since we bought our teardrop trailer earlier this year, we have been doing a lot more of it.  While I love to camp, one part of it I don’t enjoy is coming up with camping meals and getting all the food together.  I like to have all the food prepped and… Keep Reading »

Our New Teardrop Trailer

After years of dreaming about owning one, I am so happy to finally be able to say that we are now the proud owners of a teardrop trailer. Our family has always loved camping. However, since 2009, when I messed up my back, we haven’t been able to go camping very much. Sleeping on the ground in a… Keep Reading »

Frugal Family Fun – 7 Ideas That Won’t Drain Your Wallet

Things are so expensive these days.  It is even worse if you have a large family like we do.  It can be extremely difficult to find money in the budget for entertainment, especially with skyrocketing prices.  Try taking a family of 6 to an amusement park where tickets run $50+ a piece!  It costs a small fortune anymore… Keep Reading »