The Best Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners

By | November 1, 2016

Do you have a gardener on your Christmas shopping list this year? Click here to discover the best stocking stuffers for gardeners ideas.

Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners

Do you have a gardener on your Christmas shopping list this year? Then you need to keep reading to discover some great ideas for stocking stuffers for gardeners.

If you have a gardener on your holiday shopping list this year, why not put together a special gardening-themed stocking for them? As a gardener myself, I know that I would love to receive gardening stocking stuffers. In the middle of the dreary winter, it can be fun to dream of next year’s garden.

From gardening tools and gadgets to decorative accents, there are tons of little gifts that would be perfect for anyone with a green thumb. You could even include seed packets for next year’s garden. The possibilities are endless!

Keep reading for some of the best ideas for what to include in a Christmas stocking for a gardener.

Christmas Tree Growing Kit

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree Growing Kit - Grow Xmas Trees from Seed To Saplings - Kit Includes Seeds, Instructions, More. Great Gift Idea & Stocking StufferNorway Spruce Christmas Tree Growing Kit

How fun would it be for your favorite gardener to grow their own Christmas tree? This Christmas Tree Growing Kit from Norway Spruce is the perfect addition to any gardener’s Christmas stocking.

The kit includes instructions, seeds, and more – everything you need to get started. Plus there is a 100% guarantee that the tree will grow, so you can give it as a gift with confidence.

Christmas Ornaments for Gardeners

There may not be much gardening going on around Christmas time, but a gardening themed Christmas ornament will still be much loved by any gardener. Every time they put the ornament on the Christmas tree, they will be reminded of sunny days and the scent of freshly turned soil.

Gardener Santa Christmas OrnamentGardener Santa Christmas OrnamentHome Grown Garden Tote Christmas OrnamentHome Grown Garden Tote Christmas OrnamentS'mores Gardener Christmas OrnamentS’mores Gardener Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornaments make great gift toppers!

Skincare for Gardeners

An occupational hazard of having green thumbs can be dry skin and dirt under your fingernails. Why not add a few little skincare goodies as stocking stuffers so that your favorite gardener can pamper their skin after they are done playing in the soil?

Gardener's Gold Soap in Reusable Travel Gift TinGardener’s Gold Soap in Reusable Travel Gift TinCrabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand TherapyCrabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand TherapyGardener's Scrub Organic SoapGardener’s Scrub Organic Soap

Seed Starting Helpers

Most gardeners like to start their own seeds so they can grow varieties that they won’t find in their local nurseries. However, seed starting supplies can get expensive! That’s why I love my PotMaker and Soil Block Makers. They would make a great stocking stuffer for any gardener!

The PotMaker helps you form newspaper into sturdy little pots that can be used to start seeds. Then when weather conditions are right, you stick the whole newspaper pot right in the ground. The newspaper will break down over time and help nourish the soil.

Soil Block Makers allow you to make little cubes of soil that are used to start seeds. Although I was skeptical at first, the soil cubes are surprisingly sturdy and hold together well. I can’t imagine seed starting without mine. The smaller one makes 3/4 inch blocks, which is great for tiny seeds like lettuces. I use the medium sized one for nearly everything else.

Plant Pot MakerPlant Pot MakerSmall Soil Block MakerSmall Soil Block Maker44″ Soil Block Maker

Watering Helpers

Lots of gardeners also have houseplants to take care of and water. Help make their life a little easier by adding one of these self-watering accessories to their Christmas stocking this year. These handy little tools allow plants to go longer between watering.

Aqua Globes Mini - 3 pack of watering globesAqua Globes Mini – 3 pack of watering globes3-Pack Plant Watering Globes3-Pack Plant Watering Globes2pcs Glass Ball Automatic Watering Globes2pcs Glass Ball Automatic Watering Globes

Find out what your favorite gardener likes to grow. Some gardeners like to grow only flowers, some focus on vegetables. Find out what kinds of plants they like to grow so you can tailor your gift accordingly.

Rain Gauges

Tracking rainfall is very important to a gardener. Plants can’t grow without enough moisture, after all. So a decorative rain gauge is a wonderful stocking stuffer idea. Fun to look at and functional too!

Solar Powered Hummingbird Rain GaugeSolar Powered Hummingbird Rain GaugeWorld's Coolest Rain GaugeWorld’s Coolest Rain GaugeBird and Nest Rain Gauge on a stakeBird and Nest Rain Gauge on a stake

Gardening Essentials

While definitely not as glamorous as some of the other ideas, small tools and gloves make great stocking stuffers for gardeners too. After all these are all necessary for gardening, and will be appreciated just as much.

Atlas Nitrile Garden GlovesAtlas Nitrile Garden Gloves3 Piece Garden Tool Set3 Piece Garden Tool SetFiskars Pruning ShearsFiskars Pruning Shears

Seeds Make Great Gardening Stocking Stuffers

Help Them Get a Jump Start on Next Year’s Garden! What gardener wouldn’t appreciate a few packs of flower or vegetable seeds so they can start some of their garden plants indoors while they are stuck indoors during the long winter? Garden seeds are inexpensive, so adding a couple of packets is a great way to finish filling the stocking.

Perennial Wildflower Mixture - 3000 Non-GMO SeedsPerennial Wildflower Mixture – 3000 Non-GMO SeedsCulinary Herb Seed Collection - 100% NON-GMOCulinary Herb Seed Collection – 100% NON-GMOHeirloom Vegetable Seed Packet Assortment - 3,400+ Non-GMO SeedsHeirloom Vegetable Seed Packet Assortment – 3,400+ Non-GMO Seeds

Have a great idea for stocking stuffers for gardeners? We want to hear about it! Feel free to leave any questions or comments about gifts for gardeners.

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