Smores Christmas Ornaments ~ Could they get any cuter?

By | December 16, 2016

Smores Christmas Ornaments

Smores aren't just for eating - they are also for decorating your tree! These collectible Smores Christmas ornaments are simply adorable. Learn more here!

Smores aren’t just for eating! I have been collecting the adorable Smores Christmas ornaments for about 10 years now and just love them. They are among my favorite Christmas decorations.

Smores Christmas ornaments feature delightful little marshmallow snowmen on a chocolate and graham cracker base. I have over 20 in my collection. Some are Christmas themed, like my Elf, Santa Claus, and Mrs. Claus Smore Ornaments.

Smores aren't just for eating - they are also for decorating your tree! These collectible Smores Christmas ornaments are simply adorable. Learn more here!

Others are hobby specific. For example I am a scrapbooker, so one year my husband bought me a Scrapbooking Smore ornament.  Just last year, I bought a beer making Smore for my husband who likes to make his own craft beer.

I try to add several new ones to my collection each year. Pretty soon I am going to be able to fill up a whole tree with just my Smores Christmas ornaments!

Smore Ormanents – Straight from the North Pole

These fun Santa and friends Smore Ornaments will be sure to delight kids and adults alike. They would be a great addition to your Smore Christmas ornament collection!

S'mores Santa Ornament SetS’mores Santa Ornament SetS'More With Christmas TreeS’More With Christmas TreeS'Mores Wrapped Up In Lights OrnamentS’Mores Wrapped Up In Lights Ornament

Smores Ornaments Make Great Gift Toppers
When I am giving a Smores Christmas ornament to someone else, I love to use it as a gift toppers. I just tie them on to the wrapped gift with a ribbon. Such a fun way to jazz up a present!

Smores in Love

Does this holiday season mark a special occasion for you and your significant other? Why not commemorate that with a special Smores Christmas ornament? It will be a fun reminder of this special time each year as you decorate the tree.

S'mores 'Our 1st Christmas' OrnamentS’mores ‘Our 1st Christmas’ OrnamentS'Mores I Love You Christmas OrnamentS’Mores I Love You Christmas OrnamentS'Mores Our 1st Christmas Together OrnamentS’Mores Our 1st Christmas Together Ornament

Smore Ornaments for Kids

I have gotten quite a few Smore ornaments for my kids over the years because they are made of resin and are quite sturdy. I have dropped several of my collection and they have never broken. So they make great Christmas ornaments for kids because you don’t have to worry about them shattering like more fragile ornaments.

Smore Ornaments are seriously cute and are fun for kids to put on the tree! Here are some of the ones that my kids especially love.

S'mores Sandwich Christmas OrnamentS’mores Sandwich Christmas OrnamentCocoa S'more OrnamentCocoa S’more OrnamentS'mores with Snowman OrnamentS’mores with Snowman Ornament

Get Them Before They are Retired
New Smores Christmas ornaments are introduced each year and old ones are retired. If you see one you like, get it while you can. It may not be available next Christmas.

Smores Ornaments for Sports Fans

Does your child play a sport? Or do you have a sports fanatic on your shopping list this holiday season. Why not surprise them with a special sports themed set of Smores Christmas ornaments?

S'mores Sports Set of OrnamentsS’mores Sports Set of Ornaments

Smore Fun in the Great Outdoors

Do you love all sorts of outside activities? Smore ornaments are a great way to bring a bit of that fun to your Christmas tree.

S'mores In Fishing Boat OrnamentS’mores In Fishing Boat OrnamentS'mores Camo Hunter OrnamentS’mores Camo Hunter OrnamentS'mores with Lantern OrnamentS’mores with Lantern Ornament

Smore Christmas Ornaments for Your Profession

Let’s face it, our careers are big parts of our lives. These fun work themed Smores Christmas ornaments are sure to be a hit for your co-workers.

S'Mores Doctor OrnamentS’Mores Doctor OrnamentS'Mores Police OrnamentS’Mores Police OrnamentSmores Teacher OrnamentSmores Teacher Ornament

Display your Smores Ornaments All Year Long!
At Christmas, my Smore ornaments hang on the tree. The rest of the year, I have my Smores Ornament Collection on a shelf in my office so I can enjoy them year-round.

Smores Christmas Ornaments for Foodies

Do you have a foodie to buy for this Christmas? Here are some fun Smores Christmas ornaments that would be great for that special foodie in your life! I bought the Beer Brewing S’more for my beer-brewing husband earlier this year while we were at Bronner’s Christmas Store in Frankenmuth. So cute!

S'mores Love to Cook OrnamentS’mores Love to Cook OrnamentSmore's Beer Brewing OrnamentSmore’s Beer Brewing OrnamentS'mores Wine Lover OrnamentS’mores Wine Lover Ornament

Smore Fun

And last but not least, here are some more of my favorite S’mores Christmas ornaments that are super cute. I just love the glittery snowflake one. It would be perfect for my youngest daughter who loves her bling! And since all 4 of my kids play instruments, the music lovers ornament would be perfect for any of them. And what’s not to love about ugly Christmas sweaters!

S'mores Glitter Snowflake OrnamentS’mores Glitter Snowflake OrnamentS'mores Ugly Christmas Sweater OrnamentS’mores Ugly Christmas Sweater OrnamentS'Mores Music Lovers OrnamentS’Mores Music Lovers Ornament

Didn’t see what you need? Amazon has a ton more Smores ornaments! Click here to view their entire selection.

So tell me… Do you think Smores Christmas ornaments are seriously cute? Do you have any for your tree? Do you collect them? Let’s talk!

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