Quick and Easy $2 DIY Cake Stand

By | June 5, 2012

DIY Cake Stand

So even though I made a lot of the decorations and foods for my daughter’s graduation party, I still spent way more than I would have liked.   The day before the party, as I was making a ton of cupcakes, I realized I needed a way to display them on the food table.  I have a three-tiered stand that I usually use for birthday parties, but that was only going to hold about half the cupcakes.  I would need a couple more cake stands to display the rest.  However, I didn’t want to spend $30-$40 on 2 more cake stands that would rarely be used.  So I hit Pinterest for some inspiration.  (Are you all as addicted to Pinterest as I am?)  I came across this DIY Cake Stand Tutorial from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

It truly couldn’t have been any easier!  I didn’t paint mine though like the original tutorial suggests.  Since my 3-tiered stand is glass, I just went with glass for the new ones I made.  The best part though…  I spent a mere $2 on each stand!  Can’t beat that.  I found glass plates and candlestick holders at my local dollar store.  Woo-hoo!


  • glass plate
  • glass candlestick holder (You could also switch things up a bit and use margarita or martini glasses)
  • a scrap of sandpaper (or an nail file in a pinch)
  • E6000 glue


Take the sandpaper and rough up the top of the candlestick holder and the middle of the plate.  This helps the glue hold better.  Apply a thin amount of glue to both the bottom of the plate (only where the candlestick holder will attach).  Allow the glue to sit for 2 minutes.  Then press the candlestick holder onto the bottom of the plate.  Allow to cure for 24-48 hours before using.

DIY Cake Stand

So there you have it, a quick and easy DIY cake stand that won’t break your budget.  Just the thing for displaying cupcakes, small cakes, molded chocolates, or decorated cookies. Gotta love Dollar Store crafts!

2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy $2 DIY Cake Stand

  1. Sherry Compton

    So easy yet so elegant. It really looks nice. You could even decorate it if you wanted for different occasions or use different color plates/holders.


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