Hidden Book Safe

Do you ever worry about keeping your valuables safe in case of a home invasion?  A hidden book safe can help keep your valuables protected from thieves and provide peace of mind. Inexpensive yet invaluable, these hidden safes are designed to blend in with other books on a bookshelf. Most likely it would be overlooked as the robber is… Keep Reading »

Winter Sowing Vegetables

Winter Sowing Vegetables A No Mess, No Fuss Method for Starting Seeds If you have a vegetable garden every year, chances are you have started some seeds inside to get a head start on the growing season. Starting seeds inside can be messy. In addition, getting adequate light to the seedlings can be problematic. Winter sowing vegetables is… Keep Reading »

Soaked Whole Wheat Tortillas Recipe

I make this soaked whole wheat tortillas recipe on a weekly basis. There’s nothing quite like homemade tortillas!  So light and fluffy – my kids would gobble up a whole batch at one sitting if I let them. Have you ever made homemade tortillas?  It’s not as hard as you think.  This recipe is so ridiculously easy to make, you may… Keep Reading »

Easy Homemade Almond Milk

Do you buy almond milk at the store?  Did you know it’s less expensive and quite simple to make your own?  Keep reading to learn how to make easy homemade almond milk. In my recent quest to eliminate dairy from my diet (darn sinuses!) I have been taste-testing a lot of nut milks.  By far my favorite is… Keep Reading »

Healthy Peanut Butter Granola Bars Recipe

While they may seem like a healthy snack option, the granola bars you buy at the grocery store are typically full of sugar, preservatives, and fillers.  Did you know it is super easy to make your own?  With just 5 ingredients, this peanut butter granola bars recipe is a snap to throw together.   Since each recipe makes… Keep Reading »

Super Easy Way to Clean Rusted Cast Iron Skillets

Have you ever been frustrated by rusty cast iron pans and skillets? You might think they are ruined, but they aren’t.  It is actually super easy to clean rusted cast iron skillets and restore them to their former glory. It takes just a couple of minutes and 2 things you probably already have in your pantry. When I went… Keep Reading »

Natural Cold Relief

It’s that time of the year again – cold and flu season.  Chances are at some point this winter, you will experience the runny nose, aching head, congestion, and coughing that comes with a nasty cold.  Before you head to the store to buy out their stock of cold medicine, you might want to try some natural cold… Keep Reading »

Celebrate National Sandwich Month and Enter to Win!

Did you know that August is National Sandwich Month? What better way to celebrate than by giving to those who face hunger every day? Klosterman Bread is donating loaves of bread to the Freestore Foodbank, but they need your help! They will donate a loaf of bread every time someone plays their Sandwiched with Love game at KlostermanBakery.com/blog!… Keep Reading »