Outdoor Fun with Letterboxing

By | September 22, 2011

September 24th is Worldwide Day of Play which encourages families to turn off tvs, shut down the computer, and get outside for some fun and physical activity.  In honor of Worldwide Day of Play, I would like to share with you about our family’s favorite way to play outdoors.

We are a family of avid letterboxers.  If you are unfamiliar with this hobby, it is a treasure hunt, similar to geocaching.  Both letterboxing and geocaching involves hiking and finding hidden containers in the woods.  However, the main difference with letterboxing is that instead of finding a box full of toys and goodies to trade, the box contains a hand-carved rubber stamp and a logbook.  Each letterboxer carries a signature stamp that they use to stamp into the logbook, and a log book of their own  in which they leave an impression from the stamp they find. We are often amazed at how beautiful and intricate some of the stamps are.

Letterboxing is a wonderful way to get back to nature and to get some exercise in the process.  The best part is that the kids don’t even think of it as exercise because they are so excited to find the letterbox to add a new stamp to their logbook.  In addition, you never know what you might find in the woods.

Although letterboxes can be found nearly everywhere, we prefer the ones in state parks.  We also like ones that involve a scenic hike of a mile or more.  My kids truly love hiking and now that they are a little older, it is no problem for us to hike 3-6 miles on an outing.
We love to pack a picnic lunch and make a whole day of it when we go out letteboxing.  We are fortunate to have many state parks within an hour or so of where we live.

Letterboxing is a wonderful activity that the whole family can enjoy.  After you have been letterboxing awhile, it is even fun to plant one of your own.  We have a great time carving a stamp, assembling the letterbox, and then hiking to discover the perfect hiding spot. I love all aspects of letterboxing from the artistic side of it to the fun of hiking through some beautiful scenery.  It truly is the perfect way for our family to have fun in the great outdoors!

We took the Clorox Play 2Day Pledge to spend more time outside.   Your family can take the pledge too at http://clorox2play2day.com.  I encourage all families to take the pledge and spend some quality time outside playing together.  As a bonus, you are entered to win some great prizes, like a trip to a National Park!

So tell me…  How do you get your children away from the tv and computer to play outside?

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