Meet the Happy’s! A Fun Interactive Toy Pet for Kids #TheHappys

By | April 25, 2014

Meet the Happy's! A Fun Interactive Toy Pet for Kids #TheHappys

Meet the Happy's! A Fun Interactive Toy Pet for Kids #TheHappys

My kids are huge ZhuZhu Pet fanatics so I was excited to learn that Cepia, the makers of ZhuZhu’s, have come out with a new line of toys . The Happy’s are fun interactive motorized plush pets that can do tricks and be trained just like real pets.   My daughter was so excited to receive the puppy Bentley and the Chase & Play Ball to try out.

Meet the Happy's! A Fun Interactive Toy Pet for Kids #TheHappys

About The Happy’s:

There are currently 8 different pets in The Happy’s line.

  • 6 Dogs – Bentley, Chance, Sport, Thunder, Scooter, and Jewel
  • 2 Cats – Mittens and Lady

Each pet comes with a treat that unlocks a different trick.  Each treat works with any of the pets, so the more treats you have, the more tricks your pets can do!

Other accessories for The Happy’s:

In addition to the Chase & Play Ball that we got to try, there are several other fun accessories you can purchase for even more fun with your pet.

  • Zippy Skateboard
  • Bed & Blanket
  • Speedy Sports Car
  • Pet Carrier
  • Rockin’ Playground

To see these cute toys in action, be sure to watch the commercial below.

Meet the Happy's! A Fun Interactive Toy Pet for Kids #TheHappys

Our experience with The Happy’s:

If your child enjoys playing with Zhu Zhu pets like mine do, then they will probably love The Happy’s.  The Happy’s are about twice the size of  Zhu Zhu’s and have additional capabilities.  These cute toys can be trained to do tricks.  Using the special Happy Treat (shaped like a dog bone), my daughter was able to get the puppy to follow her and spin in circles.  She got a huge kick out of it when Bentley chased after the ball and pounced on it.

Meet the Happy's! A Fun Interactive Toy Pet for Kids #TheHappys

The Happy’s are very easy to use.  You just need to press the button on the pet to get it started.  To get the pet to follow you, your child just needs to press the button on the treat.   The treat has a range of 6 to 7 feet, so your child doesn’t have to be right up next to it to work.   After three minutes of inactivity, the toy will enter sleep mode to help conserve the battery life.

Meet the Happy's! A Fun Interactive Toy Pet for Kids #TheHappys

Tips for playing with The Happy’s:

  • The Happy’s pets work best on a hard surface, such as tile, wood, laminate, or concrete.
  • Avoid playing with The Happy’s on carpet as they may not run as smoothly.
  • Avoid playing with The Happy’s on an elevated surface, like countertops as these toys could easily roll off and possibly break.  My daughter discovered just how quickly Bentley could get away from her and he rolled off our front porch into the flower bed.  Fortunately it was just a little drop and Bentley is just fine 🙂
  • Avoid playing with The Happy’s in bright sunlight.  Indirect light is ok.  The bone and ball both send out an infared signal that  The Happy’s chase.  In bright sunlight, it may not detect the signal as well.
  • The Happy’s pets require 2 AAA batteries and the Chase & Play Ball requires 3 AAA batteries.  These are not included.

Where to buy The Happy’s:

Look for The Happy’s in Toys R Us, Wal-mart, Target, Justice, and Radio Shack this spring.  They are also available online at Amazon.

My daughter just loves Bentley and has already asked for more of The Happy’s pets toys for her upcoming birthday.  These are the next best thing to having a real dog or cat and will happily keep your child entertained for hours teaching them new tricks and watching them play.

The Happy's Chance PlushThe Happy’s Chance PlushThe Happy's Mittens PlushThe Happy’s Mittens PlushThe Happy's Sport PlushThe Happy’s Sport Plush

98 thoughts on “Meet the Happy’s! A Fun Interactive Toy Pet for Kids #TheHappys

  1. Jamie Wilkerson

    i Cant find the pink kitty or blue dog anywhere there a website I can order them from??I

    1. Jen

      Jamie, Did you check on Amazon? They should be showing up in stores soon, I would think.

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  3. Sandra K VanHoey

    My granddaughter would love Bently. These are so cute. Thank you for the giveaway

  4. Alisha Hodges

    I think my daughter would like Chance. He has a sweet face and she’s attracted to toys with faces like his.

  5. Kimberly Schotz

    I think my daughter would like Mittens the Kitten the best. She loves cats.

  6. Ann Fantom

    My daughter would like Bentley because she loves golden retrievers

  7. soha molina

    She would love Mittens the Kitten because she is a cat lover.

  8. Lisa B

    I think my daughter would love Mittens because she wants a kitty.

  9. Laurie Nykaza

    Mittens for my niece she would love playing with this cute kitten looks like hours of fun .

  10. amy

    They would like Bentley or Chance because they look like pets we have had that passed away.

  11. erin dear (@mummadear)

    Bentley is adorable an my daughter would love to play with it!

  12. Chelsie Fletcher

    The Bentley would be a perfect addiction to our home! I have a dog that looks similar 😉

  13. Dawn Monroe

    I think my granddaughters would like Mittens and my grandson would like Chance.

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  15. heather eg kaufman

    My son loves puppies, I think he would like Bentley.

  16. Sandy Cain

    Definitely Chance – looks just like a loved pet who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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  18. Leesa McClure

    My grandson would love Scooter the dog. Just adorable.

  19. Marci Wright

    My son says he likes Sport the best because he’s so fluffy & cute 😀

  20. christine jessamine

    I think out of all of these my daughter would love chance the most. everytime she sees the commercial when she sees him on she loves it.

  21. Tonya (Taj Kingston)

    My daughter would love the cat-she’s always wanted a kitty of her own!

  22. Sharon Kaminski

    Our daughter would like the bentley because she loves dogs.

  23. Stacey d

    My daughter would love Chance, it looks like our dog!

  24. Brittney House

    My niece would love mittens. She’s a big fan of kittens and cats.

  25. Terra Heck

    My niece would like Lady because it’s a colorful cat. Thanks.

  26. Kelly D

    My daughter would like Bentley because he has a nice color.

  27. Carol

    I think my granddaughters would like Mittens because she likes cats.

  28. Jessica Cox

    My daughter would love Bentley she love puppies and he looks cuddly

  29. Linda Madden

    I know my granddaughter would just love the white kitty. We have four real ones and she loves on them whenever she is here

  30. Mary Williams

    My son would probably love Chance because he is so stinkin cute!

  31. AM Keller

    My daughter would love Bentley because she usually loves the white fluffy animals, but is not able to have “real” pets due to very severe allergies!

  32. Jennifer H.

    My oldest loves dogs. I think that he would like Bentley.

  33. Rebecca Parsons

    I think they would like sport because it looks like their dog.

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  35. amanda whitley

    my kids would like mittens because we own cats

  36. Anita

    My neice would love any one.we are big animal lovers.

  37. janet woodling

    I have a special place just waiting for Spot.

  38. Karen Propes

    Chance, my Granddaughter would love this little beagle. We used to have a beagle and she still remembers him, and this would be a great toy for her.

  39. kristy thiel

    My daughter would love Lady, because it’s pink!

  40. Dee

    Bentley is sooooooooooooooo cute–both children would love him!

  41. Rachel Coleman

    My daughter would love to have MIttens because It is so cute.

  42. Donice

    My daughter would just love little Mittens the kitten, because she wants a white kitten.

  43. Morgan Alonso

    My kiddo would probably like Sport, because we have a dog that looks similar.

  44. Abigail

    My kids would love Bentley since he looks like our dog!

  45. vera

    I think my son would like Bentley because it looks like our dog.

  46. tamlyn

    This will be a great gift for my nephew..He is allergic to dogs..

  47. Teresa Thompson

    My granddaughter would love Mittens. She loves kittens.

  48. tina reynolds

    I think my daughter would go crazy for little mittens

  49. Heather B

    I think my daughter would like Sport because he is cute and fluffy

  50. Hesper Fry

    I think my daughter would like Chance because it likes to explore.

  51. Karen Drake

    My daughter loves cats so I think she would love Mittens.

  52. Lori R

    My niece would love Mittens. She can’t have real pets because her mom is allergic to them.

  53. CJ Godfrey

    My girls would love “Bentley”. They would love him because he is so cute!

  54. Virginia Rowell

    My granddaughter would love Bently, it looks just like her new puppy.

  55. Ashley Irby

    My son would love Sport! He’s been asking me for one!

  56. Vikki Billings

    I think that my granddaughter would love Sport because he is so cute and she loves puppies.


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