Make Your Holiday Travels Kid-Friendly

By | November 21, 2012

As the holidays approach, many families will travel to visit family members or friends in other areas of the country. However, traveling is hard on children. Long hours in cars or on planes will lead to cranky passengers who just want to be able to run around. To make traveling easier for kids, use the following tips:

Avoid the busiest travel days:

Although it is sometimes unavoidable, if it is possible, it is better to avoid traveling the Saturday before Thanksgiving and the Friday before Christmas. Instead, try to take off work, and leave during the week. This will lead to less crowded freeways. Even if leaving on a different day means you have to stay a few extra days with family, it is worth it in many cases. This is especially true if you have extremely young children.

Do not fly:

It is better to spend several hours in a car than a few on a plane. This statement may seem counter-intuitive  but it is true. In most cases, flying around the holidays becomes so busy that the time you are saving is just not worth the hassle. It is much easier on children to travel by car. The reason being, you can stop at any point if the need presents itself, and you are in control of the journey not someone else.

Bring entertainment:

If you are fortunate enough to have an entertainment system in your car, you should feel blessed. This is a great way to keep kid’s minds on something other than when you all will arrive at your destination. Often times, cranky kids are bored kids. If you do not have an entertainment system, consider investing in a portable DVD player of some sort to make the trip more enjoyable.

Pack food:

Hunger is another cause of bad attitudes on long car rides. To remedy this problem, pack snacks and drinks for the car trip. Fruit snacks, Goldfish, Cheerios and Cheeze-Its are all great snacks to bring.

Keep favorite toys handy:

Be sure to bring along any special toys. A favorite teddy bear can help a cranky toddler fall asleep. However, do not forget it when you pack to come back home.

Play some old-fashioned games:

Technology is great, but at some point, kids may tire of watching movies. If this happens, be ready with some fun travel games to keep them entertained. The old standbys still work. For example, the car tags game or I-spy.

Use the above tips to ensure a pleasant family road trip this holiday season.

Author Bio: Michael Mears writes about traveling internationally and locally with the proper documentation from Travel Docs to avoid any delays and headaches while traveling.

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