It’s a Treasure Hunt! Geocaching and Letterboxing Book Review

By | April 9, 2012

Are you familiar with geocaching or letterboxing?  Geocaching and letterboxing are all the rage! These two new pastimes offer a modern twist to the age-old scavenger hunt by combining a hike in the outdoors with the technology of a GPS unit and the joy of discovering hidden treasure.  It’s a free activity that is fun for the entire family!  We have been geocaching since 2006 and started letterboxing shortly thereafter. My husband loves the techie aspect of geocaching while I am drawn to the creativity involved with letterboxing.  We all love the treasure hunt aspect though.  You wouldn’t think that it would be such a thrill to find a piece of tupperware hidden in the woods!

If you haven’t heard of geocaching or letterboxing, I suggest you check out the book It’s a Treasure Hunt! Geocaching and Letterboxing.  This user-friendly book captures the ins-and-outs of the geocaching and letterboxing world.  It includes a wealth of informations such as tips for finding and a geocache or letterbox, how to use a handheld GPS unit, how to read a compass, and instructions for carving a signature rubber stamp.  I also liked that there is a log to record your most memorable hunts. It’s a Treasure Hunt is a must-have book for all adventure-loving families!

This book is quite helpful explaining the ins and outs of each game, as well as familiar acronyms.  While experienced geocachers and letterboxers probably won’t learn anything new, It’s a Treasure Hunt is a great resource for newbies.

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