Super Sneaky Hidden Storage for Valuables That Thieves Will Never Find

By | March 6, 2017

Worried about keeping your valuables safe in case of a home invasion? Here are 6 sneaky ideas for hidden storage for valuables to stump the average thief.

Worried about keeping your valuables safe in case of a home invasion? Keep reading to learn 6 sneaky ideas for hidden storage for valuables to stump the average thief.

We all have things we want to keep safe should, God forbid, our home ever get robbed.  Jewelry boxes and dresser drawers are probably the first place a thief is going to look, right? So if we truly want to keep our priceless belongings safe, we need to get a bit creative.  So I want to share with you a few great ideas for super sneaky hidden storage for valuables in places that robbers will never think to look.

Basically what I am talking about is a diversion safe.  A diversion safe is an everyday item that contains a secret hiding compartment.  This allows it to blend into its surroundings.  When you place the safe among your belongings, no one will ever know that there are valuables hidden inside.  

These special safes can take many forms from books, to clocks, to even canned goods.  There are a lot of really creative diversions safes available right now that can help keep your cash, jewelry, and other valuables safe in the event of a home invasion.

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Diversion Book Safes

Essentially a diversion book safe is a small locked box that is encased in a book cover.  At a glance, you will not be able to tell the difference between the faux book and the rest of the books on your shelf.

Home Dictionary Diversion Book SafeHome Dictionary Diversion Book Safe

If you are an avid reader with a bookshelf full of novels, a hidden-in-plain-sight book safe may be the ideal place to stash some valuable jewelry or bit of cash.

<= In the picture: Evelots Locking Book Safe with Keys

We have a dictionary safe hidden on the bottom of the bookshelf in our living room.  We’ve had it for 18 years and my kids have not once ever noticed it or asked about it!

You can find book diversion safes that either open with a key or a combination lock.  If you decide on the kind with a key lock, make sure you hide the key in a safe place in another part of your home.  (I recommend putting using a bit of tape to stick it to the back of one of your dresser drawers.)

If you go with a combination lock, make sure you store the combination in a safe place should you ever forget the sequence of numbers and need to access your belongings.

There are many different styles of book safes out there so I recommend choosing one that will blend in with its surroundings.  For example, the dictionary safe we chose is dark colored and our bookshelf is black.  By putting the fake dictionary up next to the wall of the bookshelf on the bottom shelf, it blends in and isn’t noticeable.  If you have a bunch of contemporary novels on your bookshelf, choose a safe with a contemporary looking cover. Choose a book safe with a cover that looks like it belongs with the rest of your books.  You don’t want people noticing it.


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Secret Can Safes

Can safes are made to look like ordinary household consumables – from cans of food, to shaving cream, to household cleaners.  Unlike the real thing, the secret can safes have a removable bottom with a hidden compartment that allows you to store cash, jewelry, or important papers.  They allow you to hide valuables in places thieves most likely will never look – namely your kitchen and bathroom.

Morton Salt Container Diversion SafeMorton Salt Container Diversion Safe

In terms of safes that can be stored in the kitchen, you have a lot of options.  There are can safes that look like popular cleaners that could be stored under your kitchen sink. In addition, there are safes made to look exactly like cans of food or cans of soda.  If you put one of these in your pantry among the real canned goods, you have a pretty secure hiding spot.  Even if a thief is aware of these types of safes, there is no way they are going to take the time to search through all the food in your pantry to see if you have one.

=> In the picture: Morton Salt Diversion Safe

The bathroom is also a great place to have little secret hiding spots.  There are can safes made to look like shaving cream and sticks of deodorant that could allow you to store some valuables in your medicine cabinet.  There are even hairbrushes with a secret hiding spot in the end.

I think can safes are my favorite of all the options for hidden storage for valuables.  It’s amazing how varied and creative these diversion safes can be.  None of them really hold a lot individually, but you could scatter several of them throughout your house.


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Hidden Clock Safes

Clock safes are working clocks that have a secret compartment on the back that allows you to hide a few of your treasures.  You can find hidden compartments both in mantle clocks, as well as clocks you hang on the wall.

Tall Rectangular Working Clock Diversion SafeTall Rectangular Working Clock Diversion Safe

The mantle clock safes tend to have more room than the clocks that hang on the wall.  Some of them are even big enough to hide a handgun.  In addition, some of the mantle concealment clocks can be quite decorative, so you could display them right in your living room.

<= In the picture: Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Working Clock Diversion Safe

In contrast, wall clocks with hidden compartments tend to be on the plainer side.  Wall clock safes would work better in a home office or bedroom.

 Wall clock safes also don’t usually have quite as much storage in the hidden compartment.  It would be suitable for some cash, credit cards and maybe a few pieces of jewelry.   Most of these wall mounted clock safes offer a hinged design which allows you easy access to the hidden compartment.


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Wall Outlet Safes

If  you are looking for a truly unusual place to stash your treasures, an electrical outlet safe may be just what you need.  They look just look any other ordinary electrical outlet.  However instead of supplying electricity, they supply an ingenious hiding spot instead.

Trademark Home Hidden Wall SafeTrademark Home Hidden Wall Safe

These wall outlet safes come with a small tool that allow you to pull out the front panel to reveal the secret storage compartment.  Alternatively you can also use a small screwdriver to open it.

=> In the picture: Trademark Home Hidden Wall Safe

This type of diversion safe will require you to cut a small rectangular hole in your wall where you want the safe to be placed.  However, the template and a cut saw typically comes with the outlet safe.  Installation is super easy and will only take a few minutes.

You won’t be able to store a lot in this type of safe, but it is useful for keeping some spare cash on hand or perhaps as a place to store your emergency credit cards.


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Air Vent Safes

Another sneaky idea for hidden storage for valuables is an air vent safe.  These safes look like ordinary vents for your heating and air conditioning.  However instead of pumping out air, they cleverly conceal the perfect hiding spot for your personal valuables.

Professional Grade Air Vent SafeProfessional Grade Air Vent Safe

Vent safes can be installed in less than 10 minutes without any specialty tools.  For added security, there is a false wall behind the grill of the vent.  So even if you are staring straight into it, you won’t be able to see anything that is being hidden inside.

<= In the picture: Air Vent Steel Wall Safe

Vent safes typically have three types of closure.  If you want quick and easy access, you can get air vent safes with magnet closures.  For more secure hiding spots, some of the safes close with a screw.  So you would need a screwdriver to open them.

Some of these higher end air vent safes have the added security of an RFID card.  These safes will not open without the RFID card or fob.  (Each safe will come with multiple cards so you don’t have to worry about losing the only one.)  

To gain access, you simply wave the fob in front of the safe and it instantly opens.  You can be inside the safe in seconds should the need arise.  You don’t have to worry about memorizing a combination or messing with a key.  In addition to protecting your valuables, this safe can also be used to keep firearms safely secured and away from children.


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Hanging Closet Safes

The last hidden storage for valuables idea I have for you is a hanging safe. This type of safe appears to be a piece of clothing (usually a tank top) on a hanger.  However the front unzips and lifts up to reveal several storage compartments where you could conceal cash, credit cards, or jewelry.

US Patrol Hanging Closet SafeUS Patrol Hanging Closet Safe

What I really like about these closet safes is that you can layer other clothes on top of them to further disguise the hiding spot.  If you put a bulky sweater or a dress over top, it is highly unlikely that your hiding spot would ever be discovered, even by the most clever of thieves.

=> In the picture: US Patrol Hanging Closet Safe

There is no locking mechanism to this style of diversion safe so you have easy access to your possessions if you need them. There are no keys to lose and no combinations to forget. However it lacks the security of some of the other options I have mentioned, so I wouldn’t recommend one of these as a hiding spot for your most valuable possessions.


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Want to keep your belongings extra safe?  You’ve heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” right?  That definitely applies to keeping your valuables safe.  We have our valuables hidden in several places throughout our house.  

I recommend using several types of these diversion safe ideas to spread your valuables out among the house.  That way in the slim chance that one of your hiding spots is discovered, the thief won’t get away with all of your valuables.

Pin these Hidden Storage for Valuables ideas for later:

Worried about keeping your valuables safe in case of a home invasion? Here are 6 sneaky ideas for hidden storage for valuables to stump the average thief.

So tell me… Do you have any other ideas for hidden storage for valuables that I didn’t mention?

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