Handmade for Christmas – Crafting for American Girl Dolls

By | December 6, 2010

At the beginning of 2010, the bookworm and the little one got their first American Girl dolls.  Since then, they have officially become American Girl fanatics.  Every time a catalog arrives in the mail, they spend days looking through it, adding items to their Christmas wish list.

Since another American Girl doll topped both of their Christmas lists, I kept an eye out for good deals on American Girl dolls on Ebay this past summer. I found the retired Samantha for the little one and Kit for the bookwork. While Samantha came in her original clothing and in like-new condition, poor Kit came sans clothing. I set about making her some clothes, doing my best to stick to the looks of the original. While not exact, I was pleased with how everything turned out.

Here is the Kit as she comes from American Girl, just for comparison.

Here is the Kit I made for the bookworm.

I crocheted the hat and knitted the sweater on my knitting machine.  The little necklace I made from a charm.  The shoes were another Ebay find.

The dress I sewed from a pattern from Liberty Jane.

The girls are both getting another doll-related gift as well.  Thanks to Ebay pattern finds, the bookworm is getting a Tee Pee for Kaya and the little onie is getting a doll-sized tent.   I was able to finish the Tee Pee up last week.


My old sewing machine really didn’t like the corduroy or upholstery thread I used.  I thought about using regular cotton, but settled on the corduroy, figuring it would stand up better to play.  My old sewing machine fought me every step of the way though!  I was so relieved when I finished it.

In addition to the Tee Pee, I also made Kaya a new outfit. I used fleece and adapted a no-sew Halloween costume I pattern I found free at Jo-Anns. I used that pattern to make the bookworm’s Halloween costume.  So, I just adapted the pattern to make it doll-sized.

I can’t wait to see the girls’ faces on Christmas morning!  I certainly have had fun making everything for them.  So tell me..  do you enjoy crafting for American Girl dolls?

7 thoughts on “Handmade for Christmas – Crafting for American Girl Dolls

  1. Debbie

    Can you tell me what pattern you used for the Tee Pee and the doll size tent or maybe where I can find them? Love your ideas for making things for your girls dolls. With my girls I am not sure if they are having more fun with the dolls or I am. Thanks, Debbie in KS

    1. Jen

      The teepee pattern I used is McCall’s Crafts M5412. It is actually a pattern to make a pet tent, but works perfect for American Girl Dolls 🙂 The doll tent pattern, which I forgot to mention in my email to you, is Simplicity Crafts 5679. I found both on Ebay.

  2. Janet

    What knitting machine pattern / yarn did you use? I have a standard & a bulky machine. I love the sweater. You did a great job.

    1. Jen

      Janet, I have an Ultimate Sweater Machine. I don’t use it very often though as the clamps don’t work well with any of my tables.

  3. Peggy Dunseth

    I have looked everywhere for a pattern for a tent for the American girl dolls. Where did you find yours?

    1. Jen

      There is an out of print pattern by Simplicity for a doll tent. Or if you were referring to the teepee, that is a pattern for a dog teepee. That one is still available, I believe. I got both of mine on eBay for a great price.


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