Free Plastic Canvas Patterns – Get Crafty Without Paying a Cent!

By | March 3, 2011

plastic canvas tissue coverPlastic Canvas is a popular pastime enjoyed by people of all ages. People love it because of how quickly projects can be completed. Additionally, it is a multi-faceted craft that can take many forms. Unlike cross-stitch, you aren’t limited to just two-dimensional pictures. Plastic canvas projects can be three-dimensional. Popular projects include magnets, coasters, and tissue box covers. The one downside can be the expense of the patterns. At around $8 for a booklet, plastic canvas patterns are not cheap. Fortunately for crafters everywhere, free plastic canvas patterns are abundant, if you know a few places to look.

Start with your friends.

Your search for free patterns can start with your friends and acquaintances. After a project is completed, most people don’t feel the need to hang on to the pattern. If you ask around, your friends may have some patterns around the house that are just collecting dust.  They will probably be more than happy to pass them on to you.

Check out online book exchanges.

Because most plastic canvas patterns are only needed until the project is completed, people are more than happy to let someone else use them. Online book exchange sites like BooksfreeSwap, BookCrossing, and BookMooch generally operate on a points system. A person lists a book on the exchange and then mails it to the first person to ask for it, which then earns them points that can be used to request books of their own.  You can redeem those points in exchange for plastic canvas pattern books.

Search for free plastic canvas patterns online.

A quick online search for free patterns yields many sites where designers offer their patterns for free. Most of these websites are run by hobbyists who enjoy sharing their creations with others for free. You can print your own pattern at home. For a greener option, you can save a copy of the pattern to your hard drive and work from your computer monitor
Check out your local library.

Larger libraries may have a good number of plastic canvas books. Just ask the librarian to help you locate them. Most libraries allow you to keep materials for 2-3 weeks. Because the projects work up so quickly, you can easily complete them before the book is due.

Plastic Canvas Design Studio Software - Version 2.0Create your own patterns.

For around $20, you can purchase Plastic Canvas Design Studio software which allows you to design your own projects. The software is very user-friendly so most people will be designing patterns in no time. Another useful feature is the option to import an image. The software then converts the picture into a pattern. By using this software, you will have access to an endless supply of free plastic canvas patterns.

In addition, be sure to check out my free plastic canvas patterns here at A Heart Full of Love and on some of my other sites.

With so many resources for free plastic canvas patterns, you may never pay for a pattern again.

16 thoughts on “Free Plastic Canvas Patterns – Get Crafty Without Paying a Cent!

    1. Kathy

      Hi Florence… I have a plastic canvas book called “Squeezum Folks” that has a doctor… It’s small, but cute. If you would like the pattern, I could photostat the page and mail or fax to you. Kathy

      1. Arlene McMahon


        I caught your note when a goggled for a pattern in plastic canvas for a “doctor”

        Are you still willing to share?

        Thanks much




    1. Jen

      Esther, Have you looked into Plastic Canvas Design Studio. That’s what I use for all my free patterns. The program makes it very easy to import a picture (such as the Penn State logo) and make it into a pattern. If I remember correctly, Mountain Harmony Crafts used to have team logos and such, but I think she was contacted by a lawyer and asked to remove them. That may be why you can’t find any online.

  2. Linda Mowrey

    I have been looking for old patterns for plastic canvas. They use to put them at the back of craft magazines yrs ago. Most had large eyes.

  3. Teresa Steppe

    Looking for plastic canvas patterns for Nascar if anyone has some and wouldn’t mind sharing I would really appreciate it

  4. Marciana

    Hi! i need a pattern of a ten petal daisy… please help!

    1. Jen

      If I come across one, I will let you know. Otherwise, I highly suggest the plastic canvas design studio software. It lets you import clipart and it converts it into a plastic canvas pattern.

      1. phil

        hello could someone tell me the file format for the plastic canvas program so i can use my pictures thanks in advance

  5. shelly

    Iam try to get into canvas again iam trying to get some pattern on apples but very thing i go to they say it free its not free any more what is going on any more if u can help i would like that very much and maybe we can help each other out with stuff thank u shelly

    1. Deborah

      What kind of apple project are you thinking of. I have some apple coasters and an apple treat sitter. I may have some others apple things, but I don’t remember. I will be more than happy to share them with you. The treat holder was free from freepatterns .com (I think).

  6. Mary Ann Walter

    I am looking for a pattern to make coasters with the Penn State Logo. Can anyone help me.

  7. Guy M. Sager

    I was going to buy the Plastic Canvas Design Studio from Annies and they said It’s discontinued. I wanted this software BAD!!!! Do they still make it? OR, do they make a better version?
    I know they have PC Stitch10 But I don’t think this is for plastic canvas. I think it’s for counted cross-stitch. can someone help me. THANKS MUCH,

    Guy M. Sager


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