5 Great Fels Naptha Uses For Laundry and Home

By | January 9, 2014

Fels Naptha has many uses around your home and garden.  5 great reasons you should keep a bar or two on hand.

Have you heard of Fels Naptha bar soap? It has been a staple in my laundry room for years as a stain remover. As the mom of 4 kids, I have treated a billion stains through the years. Kids are dirt magnets don’t ya know! I have found that a bar of Fels Naptha works just as well as those spray bottles of stain remover – and at a fraction of the cost. One bar of Fels Naptha costs me around a dollar, but it lasts a really long time. Now that my kids are older and aren’t quite as messy, I have been using the same Fels Naptha bar for many months.

To use a Fels Naptha bar as a stain remover, you just wet down the stain and rub the bar over it for about 30 seconds. Then either launder immediately or put the piece of clothing in the laundry hamper. Either way, I have found it works well.

But lest you think it’s only good for stain removal, there are many other Fels Naptha uses around the home and garden. Here are 5 other ways that I use Fels Naptha:

  • Make your own laundry detergent.   It’s quick to make and definitely budget-friendly.   It just requires a bar of Fels Naptha soap, washing soda, and borax powder
  • Remove grease from your hands.  We keep a bar by the utility sink in our basement so my husband can quickly clean up after changing the oil in the car.
  • Repel bugs in your garden.  Simply cube a bar of Fels Naptha and place a couple at the base of each plant.  Note:  While I do this for flowers, I don’t use this method in my vegetable garden as I can’t be sure it is safe around edible plants.
  • Clean out your sinks, tub, and shower.  Simply rub a Fels Naptha bar over a wet sponge and then use that to scrub your bathroom.  Works great!
  • Help drawers pull out more smoothly.  Run a Fels Naptha bar along the rails and the drawers will be easier to pull out.  This has worked well on several of our kitchen drawers that stuck a bit.

Although I haven’t tried it, Fels Naptha is supposed to work really well to clean up after you have been exposed to poison ivy.  I have also heard that if you break out in a rash from poison ivy, washing with Fels Naptha can help dry it out.  Fortunately my kids have never had poison ivy, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try this method if they did get into a patch of it.

So tell me…  What are your favorite Fels Naptha uses?  Do you know of any that weren’t listed here?

Disclosure:  I received free product coupons to facilitate this post.  All opinions stated are my own and no other compensation was received.

2 thoughts on “5 Great Fels Naptha Uses For Laundry and Home

  1. Patti Hess

    My husband, mother in law and i are going to make laundry soap with this and a few other items…it smells awesome

  2. The Funster

    To be honest I have never used Fels Naptha bar soap. After reading your review, I must admit I am curious to try it out for myself. I’ve tried other methods for stain removing with mixed results. Having two daughters, this will be great! I’ll come back to your blog and let you know how it turned out!
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