Creative Dates with Your Spouse – Go Geocaching!

By | May 24, 2012

geocaching date

How often do you and your husband get away for a date? If you are like us, not very often. When we do get away, it is typically to see a movie.  However, it is not very conducive to meaningful conversations that don’t involve your children.

We have recently started making an effort to take time away from the kids to focus on each other.  Wanting some time to yourself away from the kids is not a bad thing!  Lately we have been skipping the movies and thinking outside the box for our monthly dates. One of our new favorite dates is to go geocaching.  We have nice hikes in the woods, see beautiful sites (like the waterfall above), and are able to really talk without the kids interrupting.  Plus we have a friendly competition going to see who can find the most caches!

All married couples need some time without the kids.  A geocaching date can be a great way to have fun while you work together to find the cache.  To get started, you will need a GPS, if you don’t already own one. To make things incredibly easy, the [amazon_link id=”B002MZZX9E” target=”_blank” ]Geomate Jr.[/amazon_link] comes preloaded with 250,000 geocaches. It is the most affordable geocaching GPS currently available and is perfect for a geocaching date.

Next you will need to choose the caches you are going to visit on your date. A geocaching date can be incredibly romantic if you are careful about choosing the right caches. Chances are there are hundreds of geocaches in your own city.   You can find them at  However not all geocaches are worthy of finding on a date. It is a good idea to start with caches that are in picturesque settings where you two can stop and enjoy the view. Here are a few tips for ensuring success on your geocaching outing.

  • Choose caches that are small or regular in size.  Micros tend to be more frustrating to find – not the atmosphere you want for a date and heartfelt chats with your spouse.
  • Pay attention to the terrain and difficulty ratings.  If you have never been geocaching before, choose caches with lower ratings.
  • Focus on geocaches in state parks or other hiking areas. Urban caches may be challenging and fun, but that is not the intimate setting you want.
  • Make sure to include a cache or two with a scenic view.  Pack a snack and have a mini picnic while you take in the view.
  • Check the cache log to make sure the cache has been found recently.  A geocaching date won’t be much fun if some of the caches are missing.
  • Consider planting caches specially for your date.  You can plant them the day before and then remove them as you find them.  Each cache can have a few special trinkets that your date can keep as a memento from the outing.

With a little advance planning, a geocaching date can help create memories that will last a lifetime.  Your spouse will be thrilled that you went to the trouble to organize such a creative outing.


One thought on “Creative Dates with Your Spouse – Go Geocaching!

  1. amy v

    this sounds great! my husband and i love the outdoors…and you’re right- it is important for couples to get out together! we def need to do that more!


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