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Help for Busy Moms –

I have a confession to make…  Although I have the best of intentions, my kids don’t help around the house as much as they should.  Although I dream of having an immaculate house with kids who remember to pick their towels off the floor and make their beds each morning, the reality is I end up doing those… Keep Reading »

Don’t Forget Family Time During This Hectic Holiday Season

With just a little over a week until Thanksgiving, I am reminded that my life is going to get a little crazy until the end of the year.  With 4 kids in various activities, presents to buy, holiday baking, and family get-togethers to plan, I can easily spend the next 6 weeks running around frazzled instead of spending… Keep Reading »

Frugal Christmas Gifts for Teachers

I am always on the lookout for ideas for frugal Christmas gifts for the kids’ teachers.  I love giving handmade gifts so when I came across an adorable crocheted snowman gift bag pattern from Crochet Sal on Etsy a few years ago, I bought it with the intention of making gift bags up for the teachers. I use… Keep Reading »

Save Money on Halloween costumes for kids

There’s no doubt that Halloween costumes can be expensive.  I can’t stand the thought of paying $20-$30 each on a costume my kids will wear one time.  Although my oldest two no longer go trick-or-treating, the cost can still add up.  Here are a few great ways to save on Halloween costumes for kids. Make your own Halloween… Keep Reading »

Tips for Choosing Safe Halloween Costumes for Kids

Did you know that kids are 4 times more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween night than on any other night of the year?  Halloween can be so much fun for kids, but unfortunately it can also be downright dangerous if you don’t take the time to choose a safe costume. Costumes that make it… Keep Reading »

Halloween Freebies!

Everyone loves a freebie!  I have come across several Halloween freebies and thought I would share.  Between Kindle books, pumpkin patterns, craft patterns, there is a something for everyone. For Kids Halloween Coloring Pages Family Fun’s Halloween Coloring Pages Free Kindle books Dracula by Bram Stoker Frankenstein by Mary Shelley The Book of Hallowe’en by Ruth Edna Kelley… Keep Reading »

Finding the Motivation to Exercise

I was not blessed with a love for exercise. I would pretty much rather do anything else.  I will make excuses and try to avoid it, no matter how much it might benefit my health.  I learned long ago that I needed a reward system to provide motivation to exercise regularly. I believe that a reward system of… Keep Reading »

Organic Eating on a Budget – Money Saving Tips

With 4 kids and a small food budget, I know how difficult organic eating on a budget can be.  When I first started buying organic foods, I was floored at how much more expensive organic foods were. I struggled to stay within my budget while still providing the healthiest food choices for my family. Over the years I… Keep Reading »