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Kids-friendly recipes and foods that has this mom’s stamp of approval.

English Toffee Recipe

I love to give homemade gifts for Christmas!  They can be a great way to show you care without blowing your holiday budget.  This year I am making candy to give to teachers, bus drivers, scout leaders, and friends.  When I came across this English Toffee recipe in the book , I knew it would be just perfect… Keep Reading »

Simple Strawberry Spinach Salad

Looking for a quick and easy salad to take to a summer picnic or family reunion?  If so, I highly recommend this super simple strawberry spinach salad.  With just a few ingredients, it is a snap to throw together.  It is perfect for those hot summer days when you just don’t want to spend too much time in… Keep Reading »

Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding Pops

With my kids soon to be out of school for the summer, my thoughts have turned to summertime fun.  It’s that time of the year again when I pull out the ice pop molds and put them to good use churning out homemade popsicles.  So today I thought I would share one of my favorite summertime treats to… Keep Reading »

Quick and Simple Fresh Pesto Recipe

Now that the weather has finally warmed up and is staying warm, my basil plants are flourishing.  That means it’s time to pull out my favorite fresh pesto recipe.  I love to use it on pizza, as a sauce for pasta, and on sandwiches.  It is quick and easy to make using a food processor. Traditional pesto originated… Keep Reading »

Shamrock Quesadillas for St. Patricks Day

Quick to prepare and fun to eat,  Shamrock Quesadillas make a fun St. Patrick’s Day lunch for kids and adults alike. I love to make serve fun meals for my family on St. Patrick’s Day.  Everything is usually green or shamrock shaped.  So I was thrilled to discover spinach tortillas at the grocery store.  Cut with a large… Keep Reading »

Quick and Easy Meals With Minute Rice

Despite my best intentions at meal planning, there are times when something happens and I am unable to make the meal I had on the schedule.  Maybe the meat didn’t get thawed, or I get swamped at work, or the kids forgot to tell me that they had an activity that evening. In cases like these, I fall… Keep Reading »

Shamrock Mashed Potatoes for St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for a fun side dish to serve for St. Patrick’s Day?  Then you will want to check out this fun Shamrock Mashed Potatoes recipe! Every St. Patrick’s Day, I like to make a special meal for my family.  I try to make sure that everything I serve is either entirely green or has a bit of green… Keep Reading »

Best Barbecue Recipes for Your Slow Cooker

Barbecue purists may insist that “real” barbecue demands a fire and smoke, and a significant amount of time.  So maybe your slow cooker can’t replace that, but you can still cook up some tasty barbecue.  Keep in mind that the benefit of a slow cooker is that you can, and should, still take plenty of time to allow… Keep Reading »

Christmas Krumkake Recipe

As I begin doing some baking for the holidays, one of the first things I make is my Christmas krumkake recipe.  I  had never heard of krumkake until I started dating my husband.  His family is of Norwegian descent and not a holiday goes by that they don’t make krumkake and lefse.  When we married, I happily adopted… Keep Reading »

Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins Recipe

I have 5 gigantic rhubarb plants in my garden, so we have been enjoying the abundance this spring. I have been making rhubarb recipes left and right. One of our family’s favorites is Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins. I just love the taste combination of tart rhubarb with sweet and juicy strawberries. Pure heaven! These make a great breakfast or… Keep Reading »