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Winter Sowing Vegetables

Winter Sowing Vegetables A No Mess, No Fuss Method for Starting Seeds If you have a vegetable garden every year, chances are you have started some seeds inside to get a head start on the growing season. Starting seeds inside can be messy. In addition, getting adequate light to the seedlings can be problematic. Winter sowing vegetables is… Keep Reading »

Starting Tomato Seeds Indoors – 5 Tips to Help Ensure Success

Although it is currently only 30 degrees and snowing outside, I am already dreaming of the yummy vegetables I am going to be growing in my garden this summer. Most of my seeds are started using the winter sowing method, but a few things I start inside – mainly tomatoes and bell peppers. So today I thought I would share… Keep Reading »

Exploring Hydroponics for Growing Veggies Inside in the Winter

I have been fascinated with hydroponics ever since I rode the Living With the Land Boat Ride at Epcot during a high school trip to Walt Disney World.  For those of you who have never heard of it, hydroponics is growing plants in water instead of in soil.  On that ride, the boat travels through a working greenhouse… Keep Reading »