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4 Handcrafted Gifts That Your Daughter Will Cherish Forever

Some of my favorite possessions are things my loved ones made me when I was little – a rag doll made by my grandmother, a crocheted Nativity set made by my great-grandmother, a teddy bear made by my mother, a Cabbage Patch rag doll made by my aunt.  I have carried these things long into my adult life… Keep Reading »

School Days Memory Keeper Binder

I am making a huge effort to get more organized with my scrapbooking this year.  In past years, I have just stored the photos and keepsakes.  It was quicker and easier to just make a dvd photo slideshow.  However, after discovering that the disks I made years ago no longer play on any of our computers or dvd… Keep Reading »

Hot Air Balloon Graduation Card Box

I hope you can stand a few more graduation posts.   Only a couple more, I promise 🙂  More than anything, I want to preserve the ideas here so when my son graduates in 4 years, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to his grad party.  Anyway, today I want to share with you… Keep Reading »

Quick and Easy $2 DIY Cake Stand

So even though I made a lot of the decorations and foods for my daughter’s graduation party, I still spent way more than I would have liked.   The day before the party, as I was making a ton of cupcakes, I realized I needed a way to display them on the food table.  I have a three-tiered… Keep Reading »

Graduation Teddy Bear

My daughter received her main graduation present early so she could take it to school on the senior’s last day. (We got her a nice Nikon camera.) However, I still wanted her to have a little something from us at her graduation party. So I found a free crochet pattern for a cute little amigurumi graduation teddy bear.… Keep Reading »

Grad Party Pleated Paper Medallions ~ Graduation Crafts

With just a couple of weeks until my daughter’s Grad Party, I have been busy, busy, busy. So much to do and so little time to do it! This week I have been focusing on graduation crafts that I can use for decorations. I love the look of paper medallions and they are so easy to make. So… Keep Reading »

Make a Cute Geocaching Guardian Angel for Geoswag

If your kids love the geoswag aspect of geocaching, you are probably like our family and are always on the lookout for ideas for geocaching trading items. If so, you may be interested in making your own signature items. A signature item is something that you leave behind in every cache you visit and can also be used… Keep Reading »

Make a Cute Doll Mailbox | American Girl Doll Crafts

Valentine’s Day is in just 2 weeks, so I have been busy making some Valentine-themed American Girl Doll crafts for my daughters. Today I want to share with you an adorable doll mailbox that you can fill with printable Valentines. You can easily find tin mailboxes this time of year at your local discount or dollar store in… Keep Reading »

Winter Gear and Sled for American Girl Dolls

One of the gifts for my youngest daughter this year is a sled for her American Girl Dolls.  I got busy crafting and also made her some winter gear to go with it. The sled was a find at Crafts 2000.  I got it for $9.97, which was quite a bargain in my opinion. My other purchase for… Keep Reading »