BGCA’s Cyber Safe Site Helps Teach Kids About Staying #CyberSafe #Sponsored #MC #CyberTribe

By | June 23, 2014

BGCA Cyber Safety Site

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Did you know that June is Internet Safety Awareness Month ?  As my kids get older, I am more and more concerned with their cyber safety. My youngest, who is still in elementary school, is frequently required to get online for homework. My son, who is in high school, accesses all his assignments and textbooks online. I found out recently that my middle daughter has a Gmail account.  I have to admit that I am most concerned about my teenaged son.  I carefully monitor my youngest daughter’s internet usage and have parental controls set up.  However, with all the time my son spends online between homework, Facebook, and online games, it becomes a little bit more difficult with him.

There’s no question that we live in increasingly digital world. Kids these days need to learn to navigate their way online as it will be important for future education and employment. However, with increased online activity comes increased exposure to cyber predators and I want to do everything I can to keep my kids protected while they are online.

BGCA Cyber Safety Site

As much as I would love to shelter my kids from the evil lurking online, I know I can’t completely. A big part of protecting them means educating them about cyber safety. So I was thrilled to learn about the BGCA Cyber Safe Site.  The Boys and Girls Clubs of America have partnered with Sprint to offer cyber safety resources and information for parents and teens.

BGCA Cyber Safety Site

For starters, they have a great quiz for parents to help you see if you are as cyber smart as you think you are. I just took it and I love that it points out areas where your might need to boost security a little bit. Like for example, I have never googled my kids’ names. If you google your child’s name and find pictures or information, you know you need to increase the privacy settings on their social media accounts.

I also love that the Cyber Safe Site features a section on cyber bullying.  This has become such a huge problem lately.  It seems like every time you turn on the news, there is another story of a teen who committed suicide because of bullying.  The Cyber Safe website features tips for parents, discussion starters for talking with your kids, and other resources.  If you are a parent of a teenager, you should definitely check it out.

There is also a section on social media, smart phone usage, and online privacy settings.   There is a ton of valuable information there to help protect your child.  Like for example, it is a good idea to let your child know upfront that you will be periodically checking their phone to make sure they aren’t engaging in any risky cyber behavior.  One other tip they mentioned is to friend your child on their social media channels.  I already do this.  I made it a condition of my son being allowed to sign up for a Facebook account.

Another great feature of this website, is the CyberTribe, a group of real life teens who will answer your cyber safety questions throughout the month of June.   Parents can submit questions about online safety and get answers back from from the Boys & Girls Club teen CyberTribe.

To submit a question:

  • Visit the BGCA CyberSafe site
  • Visit the “Ask the CyberTribe” tab
  • Click “Ask now”
  • Write in your question, fill out your information (First Name, Last initial, City, and State)
    Click “Submit”
  • After hitting submit you will be given the chance to enter the CyberSafe Futures Giveaway

As a bonus, everyone who submits a question is entered for a chance to win an iPad mini and a $500 donation to the Boys & Girls Club of your choice!

I hope that any other parents reading this will take a moment and check out all the great resources on the BGCA Cyber Safe Site.  Even if you think you are cyber smart, I bet you will learn a thing or two that will help keep your child safe online.  I know I learned several tips that I will be implementing to help protect my kids.  So tell me…  What steps do you take to protect your child online?

25 thoughts on “BGCA’s Cyber Safe Site Helps Teach Kids About Staying #CyberSafe #Sponsored #MC #CyberTribe

    1. Jen

      It won’t be too long before your kids need to get online for school Robin 🙂 My youngest is 11 and has to get online for schoolwork at least once a week.

  1. Pam

    Cyber safety is so important! There’s so much that kids can get into online.

  2. Heather M

    Thank you for sharing such important information. I know all too well the dangers the internet can bring to young people. It’s a scary world and good to do everything we can to make it safer and watch out for our kids.
    Heather M recently posted..#PinterestFoodie 45My Profile

  3. Brett

    We all need to take this test. We need to keep ourselves safe!

  4. Danielle

    I have only recently started to let my eight year old play a couple of childrens’ games online. I plan on limiting this greatly! But she does really enjoy it, as an escape from her two younger siblings 🙂
    Danielle recently posted..Join the Booster Affiliate Program!My Profile

  5. Maria Oller

    thanks for the tips I might get my teenagers to check the website for a bit yu can never be to sure with kids and I rather be safe than sorry!

  6. Kelli A

    Both of my children are older but I still check their social media sites. They have to give me their passwords whenever they change them and I usually pull them aside one at a time and go through their sites with them. I sometimes delete stuff an sometimes I will ask them about things and see the who what and why then decide. My 17 yr old is so used to this that even when they change their school passwords she will instantly text or message me her new passwords. I control wifi and they know it! lol 🙂
    Kelli A recently posted..Tips On How To Get The Best #Gas Mileage Possible!My Profile

  7. Lexie Lane

    I’m glad there are so many ways to help keep our kids safe online. We want to advance in life but with the sacrifice that it could potentially hurt the loves of our lives. This is such a great thing.


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