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Please contact me to request a media kit for rates.

Product Reviews Policy

I am happy to work with brands on a product review if it is appropriate for this blog.  Due to the nature of this blog, I only review family-friendly products.  Be sure to check out my About Me page to learn about my family and see if your product would be a good fit.

Most campaigns require some form of compensation, whether through product, travel, or payment.  For reviews, I ask for full-size products to try out.  Please be aware they will not be returned.  Review posts take 2-3 hours between writing, taking photos, and editing.  I may request a fee to compensate for my time for low value items.  I ask that you give me 4 weeks from the time your product is received for your review to be posted.  This allows me ample time to try the product and write a quality post.

Here is a sampling of product reviews I have done so you can get a feel for my writing.

Sponsored Travel and Local Events

Our family loves to travel and attend local events in Southwestern Ohio (Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus).  I frequently blog about our adventures.  If you are interested in  me sharing our experiences with your travel destination or local event, please contact me for more information on upcoming availability.

Here is a sampling of my writing covering travel or local events:

 Giveaways Policy

Please be aware that the average giveaway takes around 4 hours of my time,  between the product review and the giveaway administration & promotion.  There may be an administrative fee charged for giveaways when no product is received to review or the value of the item received is below $40.  It is the sponsor’s responsibility to ship prizes to the winners, unless compensation has been provided for the shipping costs.

Send an email to wahmomblogger {at} gmail {dot} com for further information.


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