5 Homemade Christmas Gifts To Start Now

By | September 26, 2013

homemade Christmas gifts

I love giving homemade gifts each year. They take a little more time, sure.  However, handmade gifts are full of meaning because the recipient knows how much time and love you put into making it. So today I thought I would share 5 homemade Christmas gift ideas that you can start working on now.

I know what you are thinking… It’s not even October yet, why on earth is she sharing about Christmas gift ideas? But if you want to give homemade Christmas gifts this year, now is actually a great time to get started. If you wait until December, you are going to be stressed trying to get everything done at the last minute. (I know this from experience!) If you start on gifts now, you will have a lot more time to get things done and you won’t risk not getting finished because you simply ran out of time.

Anyway, here are a few of the gift ideas I am working on this year. I hope this list inspires you to get busy creating your own handmade presents.

Mini Scrapbook for Grandparents

My in-laws live across the country and we only see them a couple of times a year.  They miss out on a lot of my kids’ day to day lives.  One gift they always love receiving is a mini scrapbook.  The pages don’t have to be overly embellished or take a lot of time.  Trust me, it’s the pictures they are most interested in, not how the pages were decorated.  You can even use a kit to simplify the process.

Its All About Mini AlbumsIts All About Mini Albums

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Homemade Bath Products

Handmade soaps, lotions, and bath goodies are simple to make, but make great gifts for the women on your gift list – especially for any mom of young kids who could use a bit of pampering now and then!   In past years, I have made bath salts and bath bombs.  This year I am going to try my hand at making soaps.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Natural Beauty ProductsThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Natural Beauty Products

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Homemade No-Sew Fleece Throw

I don’t know about you, but on cold winter nights, I love to snuggle under a warm fleece blanket while I am watching tv in the evening.  A no-sew fleece blanket makes a wonderful gift that will keep the them warm and toasty all winter long.  Fortunately you can find a wide variety of patterns in fleece these days, even sports teams and favorite movie/tv characters.  Last year I found Star Wars fleece and made a blanket for my Jedi-obsessed son.  This year my daughter has asked for one.  Now I just need to find fleece with horses on it!

20 No-Sew Fleece Throw20 No-Sew Fleece Throw

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To make this blanket, you cut a rectangle a little larger than you want your blanket to be from two coordinating patterns of fleece.  (I used the Star Wars pattern for the top and plain blue for the bottom on my son’s blanket.)  Then you are going to cut strips all the way around the edge of both pieces and use those strips to tie the two layers together.  Here is a great YouTube video tutorial that shows you exactly how to do it.

Personalized Recipe Box or Book

This makes a great gift for new brides as they will appreciate having favorite family recipes all in one place.  When my brother married a few years ago, I gave my new sister-in-law a pretty wooden  box with handwritten recipe cards of all of my brother’s favorite meals.  You could also make scrapbook pages of favorite recipes and put it together into a mini album.

Homemade Recipes Susan Branch Recipe BinderHomemade Recipes Susan Branch Recipe Binder

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Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love a nicely scented candle?  Scented candles are so easy to make and they are relatively inexpensive too.  You can find kits and molds in most craft stores.   You can even get creative with the holders.  One year I made candles in pretty teacups for all the women in my family.  (Just make sure whatever you choose is heat-resistant.)

The Everything Candlemaking BookThe Everything Candlemaking Book

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So tell me…  Are you making any homemade Christmas gifts this year?  I would love to hear your ideas.

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