4 Handcrafted Gifts That Your Daughter Will Cherish Forever

By | November 12, 2012

Some of my favorite possessions are things my loved ones made me when I was little – a rag doll made by my grandmother, a crocheted Nativity set made by my great-grandmother, a teddy bear made by my mother, a Cabbage Patch rag doll made by my aunt.  I have carried these things long into my adult life and still treasure them because they were made with love by someone very near to my heart.  (The above pictured rag doll was made for me over 30 years ago!  You can’t tell from the photo but it is quite  large.  It wears size 2T clothes!)

As the holidays draw ever nearer, you may be thinking of making gifts for your loved ones.  Here are a few ideas for handcrafted gifts that have the potential to become treasured family heirlooms.

Plastic Canvas Dollhouse

This craft truly is a labor of love!  While a plastic canvas dollhouse can take months or years to complete, the look of joy  on your daughter’s face when she first sees the dollhouse will be one you will remember forever.

Handcrafted Nativity

Although I have other Nativities, none are quite as precious as the crocheted one my great-grandmother made for me.  When I first had my children, I searched far and wide to find a pattern like it to make for my own kids.  Fortunately the internet has made things much easier to find.  If you would like to make a handcrafted Nativity for your daughter (or granddaughter, or niece), here are several patterns to get you started:

Recipe Scrapbook

Cherished family recipes, handwritten and lovingly compiled into a scrapbook, is a gift that your daughter will be able to use and add to throughout her life.  She will be reminded of your love every time she makes a recipe from it.

This is a gift that I have already started for my own daughters, but they probably won’t receive it for awhile yet.  My daughters will probably each receive it at their wedding or for their first Christmas after they have moved out of home.

Want to get started making your own recipe scrapbook?  Here are some resources that can help:

Rag Doll or Homemade Teddy Bear

This is a wonderful gift to give your daughter when she is small.  She will have fun playing with it for a time.  As she gets older, it will likely take up a special place on a shelf or dresser so she can see it frequently.   She may even pass it down to her own kids someday!

Want to make a rag doll or teddy bear for a gift?  Here are some instructional books to get you started:

I will always cherish those special handmade toys and gifts from my childhood.  So tell me…  Do you have any special handcrafted gifts from when you were little?  Are you making anything special for your kids this Christmas?

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