Wordy Wednesday – 10 Mile Hike {and a Linky}

By | May 1, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

My husband and I decided we needed an incentive to exercise more now that the weather is warming. So we are currently rewarding ourselves with $1 for every mile we walk together. We are saving for a solar charger backpack to take with us when we go hiking. (The geocaching and letterboxing apps we use on our phone are battery hogs!) To earn enough money for the charger, we will need to hike 135 miles. This past weekend went on a 10 mile hike and were able to add $10 more towards the charger.

For this weekend’s hike, we chose Battelle Darby Creek Park in Columbus, OH. It is a beautiful park and the trails are well-maintained. Here are some of the sites we saw along the way.

Batelle Darby Creek Metropark

We spied these little guys sunbathing on a log along the Turkey Foot Trail. Evidently the Turkey Foot Trail is a great place to see wild turkeys later on in the year.

Batelle Darby Creek Metropark

This swallow was perfectly content to pose for a picture. Hiking with 4 kids usually scares off most wildlife so I was pleased to get this picture.

Batelle Darby Creek Metropark

I love all the little wildflowers that are starting to show up in the woods. I think this one is a type of Phlox, but I am not positive.

Batelle Darby Creek Metropark

We discovered this Ohio historical marker near the Darby Creek canoe launch. I love coming across them and learning more about the history of the area.

Batelle Darby Creek Metropark

The Fort Ancient Mound can be reached by taking the Fort Ancient Trail which is a spur off the Terrace Trail.

Batelle Darby Creek Metropark

This is the nature center at Battelle Darby Creek Park. What is interesting about this building is that it has a living roof. It was hard to get a good shot of it, but the roof is entirely full of growing plants.

Batelle Darby Creek Metropark

From the nature center you can get a nice view of the park’s herd of bison. I guess during the warmer months, they move them to a closer pasture, but for now we had to be content with viewing them from a distance.

Batelle Darby Creek Metropark

Inside the nature center, they had a really cool living stream exhibit. I caught a glimpse of this little guy hiding in a corner.

Batelle Darby Creek Metropark

Miss S had a surprising amount of energy for a little girl who had just walked 10 miles!

We had a wonderful day exploring Battelle Darby Creek Park. If all the Columbus metro parks are this nicely maintained, I definitely want to visit more of them.

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13 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday – 10 Mile Hike {and a Linky}

  1. Paula J

    Hi Jennifer!! You certainly did see a lot of cool things along your hike :)
    Thanks for linking up for WW..just returned the ♥!


    1. Jen

      I will have to look into that one. We have been charging in the car while we eat lunch, but it just isn’t enough. Can’t wait to have a solar charger that keeps charging as we are hiking.


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