American Girl Doll Flip Flops ~ Free Plastic Canvas Pattern

By | June 7, 2011

American Girl Doll Flip Flops Free Plastic Canvas Pattern

My youngest daughter adores her American Girl dolls and I love making things for her dolls.  It’s a win-sin situation!  Lately I have been tackling 18 inch doll shoes. My latest creation is a pair of American Girl Doll Flip Flops.

18 inch doll shoes

Made from plastic canvas, these adorable little shoes work up quickly.  One pair takes 30-45 minutes.  This would be a good summer project to help teach your daughter to sew, especially if you used the plastic beginner’s needles.

Materials Needed to Make a Pair of American Girl Doll Flip Flops:

American Girl Doll Flip Flops Plastic Canvas Patterns:


shoe base pattern

Strap pattern

Shoe Base – 10 holes x 17 holes

Strap – 3 holes x 18 holes

Instructions to make the American Girl Doll Flip Flops:

Cut 4 each of the shoe base and 2 each of the straps.  Stitch all pieces according to the chart with your color of choice.  In the middle of each strap, sew one of the flower buttons.

American Girl Doll Flip Flop Tutorial


Take a 3-4 inch long piece of elastic and stitch with thread to one shoe base with the right side facing upward,  beginning with the 3rd hole down on the shoe edge.  (Refer to picture for placement.)  Since dolls vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is best a this point to place your doll’s foot on the base and then fit the elastic snugly.  Cut off the excess and sew the other side to the shoe base.

18 inch doll shoe pattern


At this point, try the shoe on again, to make sure it fits correctly.  You want it snug, but not so tight that little ones will have problems taking the shoes on and off.  Repeat the process to sew a piece of elastic on one of the other flip flop bases.

doll flip flop tutorial


Holding 2 shoe bases (1 with the elastic, wrong sides together), and using the same color yarn as the shoe base, stitch on one side of the strap, using the elastic as a placement guide.  Overcast around the shoe until you get to the other side and then stitch on the other side of the strap.  Finish overcasting around the edge of the shoe.  Repeat for the other flip-flop.

doll flip flop tutorial


All done.  See I told you they were quick and easy!  Have fun making these in all sorts of colors for your favorite little girl.

doll flip flop tutorial


Have you made any 18 inch doll shoes?  Or do you prefer to buy them?  If you make any of these doll flip-flops, be sure to leave a comment below and let me know how they turned out.

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21 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Flip Flops ~ Free Plastic Canvas Pattern

  1. Jill

    Those shoes are absolutely adorable! and you’re right! a perfect project for little girls learning to sew!

    I would love if you came over and linked this project to my weekly Round Tuit party at:
    Have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. mindie

    So sweet. Would love for you to link these up to my party this weekend. Weekly linky that runs Friday through Sunday. You can find the button on my blog now. Hope you come.

  3. Michelle

    What fun little shoes! I bet your daughter loves having so many fun options! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

  4. Shiloh

    I love these crafts! I’m going to pass them on to my sister. She will soak these up. I’m a new follower from Welcome Wed.:) Thanks so much!

  5. Marie

    that is so cute, i would show this to my daughter so she can do it this weekend…but what are plastic canvas, sorry i have no idea where to get those…

  6. Sue D

    These are so cute–I will definitely be trying these for my granddaughter’s doll. I could make them in so many colors to match outfits.

    1. Jen

      You will have to let me know how they turn out. They are so quick to make, you could definitely make many different colors to match outfits. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Lou-Ann B

    thanks for this link i am going to make this for a smaller doll size 13 in its hard to find this for that size doll clothes or shoes so i am going cut the canvas down and redesign to fit this doll. my granddaughter will love it for her baby doll

  8. tonia thayer

    i tried making these and found the elastic outside my comfort zone however i did make them without and they worked good. i had taken this pattern and a little foam and even made tennis shoes for my daughters doll. look me up on facebook to see the photos of finished shoes. thanks so much for this pattern

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    1. Jen

      So sorry about that! I was recovering from surgery and let my photobucket account expire. I renewed my subscription so it should be all fixed now!

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